Education robot

With Eddy we provide an easily usable robot for the classroom. The hardware robotics we use is created by Softbank Robotics. Originally the NAO-robot was programmed with the provided software called Choreographe or selfwritten code in one of the supported languages (python/java/c++). To provide an easy to use, approachable and efficient way to embed the robot into the class, an easy accessible interface has been developed by Hogeschool de Kempel and Rolf groep.


The Eddy platform is web-based, which means that it is available on any device with an internet browser. It is possible to program and control Eddy from PC’s, laptops and tablets. Smaller devices like smartphones can function as a remote control for Eddy.

After a short introduction the user can start to create their own educational tools. After developing such a tool, it can be transferred to the robot with a simple press of a button. After that students can immediately put the tool into use.


Originally the platform was developed in the Netherlands, after domestic success markets abroad expressed interest into Eddy as well. Nowadays, schools in England are in early stages of adopting the platform.


At the moment it is not yet possible to purchase a license for the platform outside of the Netherlands. However, we are working with distributors abroad to provide the possibility for ordering in England and the United States in the near future.

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